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About Used Delhi
Useddelhi.com is a buy and sell website catering primarily to the Delhi market.
It is the leading online classified ads and marketplace in Delhi where people buy and sell a wide variety of
goods, products and services under different categories.
It can be difficult in today's economy to have enough cash to purchase things that are brand new. With the
Internet you can purchase the things you need but at reduced costs. While your goods won't be new there is
nothing wrong with buying something used as long as it is in good condition and usable.
As a buyer, you are free to look for an item that you want to buy, hire, rent, lease, or even swap for another
item. Browse through the million of advertisement posted on the site and get a really overwhelming variety
of option! Of course,classified ads on Sulit are not limited to products or items only; there are also services,
learning opportunities, and simply everything you might ever need!
As a seller, you can post an advertisement about the product that you are selling, the service that you are
offering, or the brand name of your business that you want to promote. Posting an ad is free of charge and
takes only few minutes. With the high traffic that the website recives daily, you can guarantee a good
exposure for your advertisement.
UsedDelhi.com offers a lot of really interesting and helpful features that are really beneficial for you and your
business. These includes the following:
Free and easy sign-up.

Free and easy posting of advertisement.

Great selection of classified ads under 26 major categories.

Integrated search.

UsedDelhi Forum.

And Lots More...
UsedDelhi.com continuosly creates and implements features that will improve the way buyers and seller
transact through online marketplaces such as this. It also aims to establish a remarkable community among
Delhi web users.
To Completely utilize all the features of Suilt.com.ph, you must first register for member account, which is
fast and FREE.

Click Signup located at upper right side of the page.

Fill up the Email Address form. Specify a working e-mail address because your e-mail verification link will be
   sent through e-mail. Then, click Register button.

Check your e-mail address for your activation e-mail. Click the varification link in the e-mail.

Complete the member registration from with your member details. Username is the member 'Email ID' you
   will use to access your member page. Complete Name will be displayed in your profile and in your posted

After completing the form, click the Register button to submit the form.

You can now use the User 'Email Id' and Password you specified in the registration form to login.

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