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Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum is located in a sprawling yet simple white bungalow where the great leader Mrs. Gandhi lived as prime minister of India. It was here in the gardens of this bungalow that her two bodyguards assassinated her on October 31st 1984. The bungalow was later converted into a memorial museum.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

Though the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum has limited display but still it has a beautiful collection of photographs covering the Nationalist movement and personal and public life of Nehru-Gandhi family. The collection gives a visual narration of her life from childhood to her last days. Apart from some personal belongings of Mrs. Gandhi, one can also view her still laid out simple drawing room and study room through the large glass. The museum conserves her blood stained sari, which she wore on the day she was assassinated.

The museum also contains the personal exhibits of her son Rajeev Gandhi including the burnt clothes and shoes that he wore when he was assassinated in a bomb blast in May 1991. As Rajeev was himself a trained photographer, the museum houses some of his best photographs covering some good times of his life.

How To Reach: Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum – Lodi Estate, Delhi